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Welcome to our R1 Tactical blog.  We are proud to deliver information that is relevant to all users who own the AR rifle platform, or who are looking to purchase a quality AR for the first time.

Redcon1 Tactical is a Brand and a Business that gives you quick, clear, and concise information for helping you make quick decisions for your next quality purchase.  Whether you are Building your next complete AR-15 5.56/223 rifle, AR-308 rifle, or you are simply upgrading a Gas Block for your AR-15 pistol, we will provide you the latest and greatest quality products at the best possible prices, and at the quickest method of delivery.

At Redcon1 Tactical we hold very high standards in the quality of products and services we sell.  The quality of product MUST be products that WE WOULD USE for our own personal equipment.  We are a Business of real Veterans with real experience, Ranger Qualified, and U.S Army Special Forces Soldiers.  We don’t pretend to know things.  We either lived it, or contributed to it.  We support all Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Security Forces that are Pro-American.  Most of all we support the 2nd Amendment and everyone who lawfully exercises that right.

Since we are Veteran owned, our Business culture maintains the Military perspective with regards to Tasks, Conditions, and Standards.  Our Customers are our Task.  Each Customer inquiry has a specific condition, and all Customers must be treated to a Specific Standard of quality.  What is that Standard?  We use a simple, clear, and concise equation when approaching all customer requests, and that equation is called, Q=RF3  Quality = Reliability(Form, Fit, Function).


Our objective at Redcon1 Tactical is simple and clear.  Provide you, the Customer, the Reader, and the Enthusiast with, “Speed and Accuracy”.

Some may say, what does “Speed and Accuracy” have to do with me?  Let me take a brief moment to explain

 1. Speed

a)  Quick Service Turnover:  R1 Services such as (Cerakote, Stippling, Custom Builds).  We take in your service request and ship it back to you in the shortest lead times possible in the Industry.

b)  Quick Email responses:  Reply to Customer inquire, feedback or concern immediately on the same day.

c)  Optimized E-Commerce Shopping Experience:  Find what you want and need quickly by using our Rifle Drop Down Category Option.

d)  Quick Delivery:  Process your order and ship it immediately.

 2.  Accuracy

a)  Integrity:  Honestly service our customers as we serve our Country, with LDRSHIP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage)

b)  Q=RF3  Quality = Reliability(Form, Fit, Function) – The Products must meet our Standard for:

  • Form:  The visual appearance including shape, color, marking, and surface, finish, of the product.
  • Fit:  The external dimensions and associated tolerances, of the product.
  • Function:  The mechanical, thermal, and performance characteristics of the product.
  • Reliability:  The ability of a product to perform a required function at or below a stated failure rate for a given period of time.
  • Quality: Conformance of a product to requirements, or perceived fitness for its intended use(s).

c)  Value:  The best prices, the right product mix, the latest trends, and the best performance.

d)  Information:  The latest News, Current Regulations, NRA Support, and Trends.

e)  Product Reviews:  Video and Article reviews, for products sold at R1 Tactical.