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Firearms & Magazine Restrictions

Magazine Shipment Restrictions

It is the responsibility of the customer for understanding State laws regarding magazine capacity.  Please know and research your State's magazine capacity restrictions prior to purchasing.  All shipping addresses within the below listed States with purchases of magazines exceeding the legal capacity will not be shipped.

- California: No magazines greater than 10 rounds or magazine repair kits.
Senate Bill No. 1446 Firearms: Magazine Capacity

- Colorado: No magazines greater than 15 rounds.
C.R.S. 18-12-301 Definitions
C.R.S. 18-12-302 Large-capacity magazines prohibited - penalties - exceptions

- Connecticut: No magazines greater than 10 rounds. Magazines can only be purchased and shipped if buyer provides a copy of driver's license and one of the following: state handgun carry permit, long gun certificate, or ammunition certificate.
Sec. 53-202w. Large capacity magazines. Definitions. Sale, transfer or possession prohibited. Exceptions

- District of Columbia: No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
§ 7–2506.01(b). Persons permitted to possess ammunition feeding device

- Hawaii: No handgun magazines greater than 10 rounds. No restrictions for rifle magazines.
§134-8 Ownership, etc., of automatic firearms, silencers, etc., prohibited; penalties

- Illinois: The State of Illinois has no law restricting large capacity magazines with the exeption of the following cities and counties.

- Maryland: No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
§4–305 Detachable Magazines Prohibited

- Massachusetts: No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
Section 121: Firearms sales; definitions; antique firearms; application of law; exceptions

- New Jersey: No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
2C:39-9 Manufacture, transport, disposition and defacement of weapons and dangerous instruments and appliances

- New York: No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
Section 265.02 Criminal Possession of a Weapon in Third Degree

- Vermont: No rifle magazines greater than 10 rounds. No pistol magazines greater than 15 rounds. 
Title 13 : Crimes And Criminal Procedure, Chapter 085 : Weapons

Law Enforcement Magazine Exceptions

Law Enforcement must provide both a copy of their credentials and a signed letterhead stating the magazine(s) are to be used exclusively for LEO purposes and email to sales@redcon1tactical.com or FAX: (910) 777-5463.

Buying a Firearm / Lower Receiver from Redcon1 Tactical, LLC

We cannot ship to a PO Box.  We will only ship to Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealers. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have your Dealer (receiving FFL) email or fax a signed copy of their signed FFL to sales@redcon1tactical.com or FAX: (910) 777-5463. The FFL copy must be received and then verified, prior to shipment of any firearm.  We do not do Straw Purchases.  The person purchasing the firearm (name on the invoice) must be the same person completing the ATF Form 4473 at the time of pick up from the local dealer.


  1. Customer purchases any Firearm/Lower Receiver from the website.
  2. Customer finds a local licensed FFL dealer (Gun Store, Pawn Shop, local FFL) that can receive and process the firearms transfer.   You can search local FFL dealers at http://fflgundealers.net/.
  3. Customer then notifies the dealer that you have purchased a firearm and wish to use them for the transfer.  Have the dealer send us a copy of their signed FFL license to sales@redcon1tactical.com or fax to (910) 777-5463.  For faster processing, have the dealer attach your name or order number with copy of the FFL.
    • Most dealers charge approximately $25-35 to conduct a firearms transfer, so please shop around and verify charge prior to selecting dealer.  CA dealers may also charge a Firearms sales tax upon transfer.
  4. Once the dealer's FFL is received and verified, your firearm will be shipped to the dealer.  You will receive a shipment confirmation and tracking number upon shipment.
  5. The receiving dealer handles the FFL transfer where upon the customer completes the ATF Form 4473 and conducts the FBI background check. 

Please know your State's Laws before ordering.  You can search the NRA website to research Gun Laws by State at https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws.aspx.

California Buyers: Before placing order for any handgun, please ensure the handgun is legal in CA and listed on CA DOJ website https://www.oag.ca.gov/firearms/certguns for sale into CA. Redcon1 Tactical is registered on with the CA DOJ.

Pricing for Firearms Transfers

Pricing below may include multiple firearms transferred using (1) ATF Form 4473 and FBI background check at the time of pick up.

  • Regular: $25.00 for pistols, long guns, and lower receivers
  • Military/LE Discount: $15.00 (Verification upon transfer) 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at (910) 777-5376.

Thank you.